Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Food & stuffs!

Once again, the breakfast is letting me down. I need to eat more.   

We are off this afternoon to head into the wild west of Texas.  Dog is coming on his first big roadtrip with us.   Should be fun!! 

I'm promising myself that I am going to make better choices on food. except tonight.  We are rolling through College Station and there is a fabulous restaurant there that we get to once a year.  However, I think we are going to get a main and 3 appies to share and a dessert to share.  Its a wonderful local, fresh chefs place and we like to indulge there.   Since we will be getting plaenty of exercise this weekend walking around, we are going to splurge tonight. 

Anyway. here is what happened today so far.

Bfast (380)
Egg biscuit - 350
Coffee - 30

20 jelly beans (fudging beans!) – 100

Lunch ( 765 )
1 blackened basa fish - 217
2T tartar sauce - 95
1c beets - 75
1/2c squash casserole - 85
1 roll - 84
1T icbinb – 45
1c banana pudding - 164

Thursday Foods!

I'm feeling a little more positive.   I think that setting the bar too high is as bad for me as too low.  I had a couple chats with the husbeast about it. And I need better moderation of all things.  Less swings and more "manageable" changes.   I hate that when I go off diet I then just lose all control.   Not good.

The main thing that I've noticed on my last few weeks is that my breakfasts have been getting smaller again.  I know that if I eat closer to 600 or 700 in the morning then I dont eat 1,000 calorie dinners.

Must make a better effort to get back to that.

Thursdays food:

Bfast (380)
Egg biscuit - 350
Coffee - 30

Lunch (721)
1c Pasta - 174
1 Egg - 78
Pasta sauce w/ meat - 260
Bread - 209
Coke zero - 0

Snack (370)
Jelly beans – 20
Yogurt – 140
1/2c dorset – 210

Dinner (1,122)
2 eggs - 156
2 spicy Italian sausages – 320
1/4c onion - 12
2 small potatoes – 322
10 stalks asparagus - 32
2 slices cheese – 160
2T HP sauce - 120

Snack (150)
1.5c kashi cereal - 150

Total:  2,743

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wednesdays Food

Woke up this morning and I was actually hungry!!   Its been a few weeks since I was actually hungry and not just presumptively eating to ensure that I was never uncomfortable.

I think that I’ve done enough wallowing for this month, and its time to put on my big girl panties and start buckling down again.  Where is the me that was all “this is going to be hard, I know that, and I want to do it anyway”… I want her back.

The best time to plant a tree is 40 years ago; the second best time is now.

Bfast (380)
Egg biscuit – 350
Coffee – 30

Snack (40)
8 jelly beans – 40 (when am I going to give this a rest?)

Lunch (646)
1.5c low fat cottage cheese – 300
1c pineapple – 140
Three quarters of the listed below - 206
1 yogurt – 120
1/4c dorset cereal – 105
1/2c kashi almond flax crunch - 50

Snack (220)
Lime popcorn - 220
Diet dr. pepper - o


Dinner ( 685)
Whole wheat fusilli - 320
Tomato Sauce - 70
1.5 spicey italian sausage (jenni-o) - 240
Veggies - 55


Food Report - Tuesday

Yesterday I managed to send myself into CRAZY-LAND by not eating anything from 10 until almost 2pm but some 40 mini jelly beans.  Hello Sugar Induced Psychotic break.  Nice to meet you.

I ended up eating chocolate and half a box of Kashi cereal on the couch because that was the best thing that was going to keep me from eating a bucket of ben & jerry's.  


Bfast – (350)
Oatmeal – 170
Raw oats – 150
Coffee – 30

Snack (230)
Coffee – 30
40 jelly beans – 200

Lunch (440)
1.5c low fat cottage cheese – 300
1c pineapple – 140

4.00pm …. Snack (1,000)
3c Kashi almond crunch - 600
1 lrg reese PB cup - 190
1 kit kat - 210

Dinner (501)
2 eggs - 156
4 asparagus - 10
2 slices deli turkey - 100
¼ onion - 10
1 slice cheese – 80
2 slice toast – 100
1T icbinb – 45


Monday, March 12, 2012

Ahh, daylight savings... how I hate thee

Blarg, I've felt like a run over rat all day.  I couldn't get to sleep last night, I couldn't get up this morning.  Phew... time change is hard on a poor sleeper like me.

Enough about that. I need to get back to working out, I need to get back to regular blogging, I need to get back to tracking my food all day.

I've also not weighed in and I know why. Because if it was made of food, I've been jamming it in my pie hole.

Food Today:
bfast (405)
egg biscuit - 350
coffee - 30
5 jelly beans  - 25
lunch (988)
1 can beans - 300
1 egg
2 slices toast - 100
2T HP sauce - 120
3 servings rice chips - 390
snack (105)
coffee - 30
15 jelly beans - 75
dinner (660)
1/2 roasted chicken - 420
2 broccoli spears - 20
1c roasted veg - 100
1natural sugar root beer - 120

total calories today: 2,155

I'm miserable right now. I've had lots of sugar today and I want to stick my face in a cake and never stop eating.  I'm going to go and drink water and watch tv for an hour, then go to bed.

Friday Food - Catch up

Bfast (548)

Egg biscuit – 350

Coffee – 30

Brownie – 168

Lunch (689)

Which Wich Sammich – buffalo chicken – 479

Jalapeño chips – 210

Diet coke – 0


Small orange - 55

Snack (320)

Pack oatmeal – 170

Raw oats - 150

Dinner ( 293 )

Salmon - 233

Salad – 30

dressing 30

Snack ( 765 )

terra chips – 390

terra chips - 375

Total – 2670

Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday... getting better by degrees

Right, for the last 2 weeks I've hardly had more then 3 glasses of water a day.  My water bottle at the office has sat dry as a bone all day and I've just soldiered on. 

I've felt like a$$ and that is the main culprit.  How am I supposed to feel good when I am all dehydrated.

ANYWAY.   Water today is getting consumed and I'm feeling good.

Co-worker brought in homemade brownies and I ate one.   F**ks sake.  Is WEAKNESS MY MIDDLE NAME.   the sugar cycle is a killer. So that is the only sweet that I will have today.   Already gone before 10.30am. 

Okay - back to work.

Thursday Food

Bfast (410)
Egg biscuit – 350
Coffee x 2 – 60

Snack (50)
5 jelly beans – 50

3 oz BBQ beef - 185
2oz bbq sauce - 43
1 sausage – 360
2 slices bread – 120
1/4c beans – 70
1/3c potato salad - 95
1/3c cole slaw - 60
4oz lemonade - 145

6oz bunt cake - 400

Snack (320)
Oatmeal – 170
Raw oats – 150

dinner (337)
Salad - 20
Avocado - 234
Tomato – 23
Dressing - 60

snack (320)
Popcorn - 200
Natural sugar root beer - 120


Exercise was a 10min walk with the dog.   Not good enough.   I'm going to get onto a better schedule.  I'm struggling to make my body move, and the less I move, the more it hurts.   Its a vicious negative cycle that I've created the last 6 months.  Must make a change.

Wednesday Food - Catching up

OMG... catching up and starting to blog again is hard.  But, as the next three posts of food happenings have shown...not tracking is a big issue for me.  I'm a consumption specialist.   As soon as its over the lips, I've already forgotten that it went down.

Bfast (690)
Egg biscuit – 350
Liberte coconut yogurt – 280
Coffee – 30
Coffee – 30

Snack: (80)
8 jelly beans - 80

Lunch (635)
4 slices bread - 200
2T peanut butter – 190
1 small banana – 90
1T jam – 65
1tsp pb - 90

Oatmeal (320)
1 pck – 170
1/2c raw oats – 150

Dinner ( 660 )
Salad – 30
Dressing – 60
½ avocado - 117
½ tomato – 11 (218)

2 eggs - 156
1 sausage – 160
½ red onion - 23
1 slice cheese – 80
1/2T FF creamer - 15
4 cherry tomatoes – 8 (442)

Snack (560)
1 grande skim milk chia latte – 160
Pistachio muffin - 400


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

did anyone get the number....

of the wagon that ran me over?!

OMG, what a nightmare 2 weeks.  I was away and managed to get strep throat again... and was laid out at home on meds, sweating, groaning and feeling very sorry for myself.

Then back to work, where I was swamped... but enough about all the excuses.

I fell off the tracking and managing wagon... and have spent the last 4 days avoiding blogging and weighing in because I'm so scared of what those 2 weeks of lounging around has done.  Especially since I was eating badly, not drinking much water, and generally lazy.

*sigh*   back on the wagon tomorrow.  Starting with a weigh in.   Ug.   Habits... you are so hard to keep the good ones???  WHY!!! 


Friday, February 24, 2012


I have my food tracked from  yesterday, but I'm headed out of town this morning and I just haven't found time to put it all down here.

I'm going to be logging my calories this weekend.   Being out of town isn't an excuse for me anymore!


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesday Food

so much better today!

Bfast (610)
sm banana - 90
Egg cheese biscuit - 350
coffee - 30
chiobhini mango yogurt - 140
lunch (643)
2c coleslaw - 187
4 deviled egg halves - 256
1 sm bag pop chips (pepper) - 100
Diet Dr. Pepper - 0
1 baklava - 100
snack (140)
Chiobhani pineapple yogurt - 140
Dinner (510)
1/2 roasted chicken (most skin removed) - 420
3c salad greens - 30
1T dressing - 60

Total calories today:  1,903

Its almost 10, I feel full and satisfied.  What a change from yesterday.  Eating more in the daytime is defiantly where its at for me.  More breakfast and lunch!!   I actually had to force myself to get my yogurt snack this afternoon. 

okay.  bed time!   Resting up for a big weekend!!


Wow, do I feel better today with my eating.  Yesterday at this time I was panicked and freaking.  Today, I've had two 600 calorie meals and feel so much better.

Well - breakfast was spread out.   Banana at home.  Egg biscuit at the office at 8.30.  Coffee at 9.  Yogurt at 10.30.   So I guess its grazing.  (610 calories)

Just finished my lunch about 20 minutes ago.   4 deviled egg halves, 2c coleslaw, 1 bag of pop chips, 1 diet dr. pepper, I piece of baklava.  (643 calories)

I have my oatmeal and another yogurt for a snack this afternoon - but I'm not likely going to need both, but if I did it would be (310 calories).

Tonight's dinner is the super yummy, super low calorie meal of spaghetti squash, with ground turkey, onion & pasta sauce, with spinach side. (375 calories)

So Today is looking like an awesome 1,938 calorie day!  Super pumped!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Balancing my Daily Calories

Man, I was DRAGGING today.   I just could not get enough sleep last night.   I can't wait to hit the hay tonight.  But first... blogging my food.

I didn't get any real exercise today, I was beat from all the walking yesterday.  So I'm hoping to get a good nights rest and be chipper tomorrow.

Okay - Food:
bfast (520)
1 pkg better oats - 170
1/2c raw oats - 150
coffee x 2 - 60
chiobhani Peach yogurt - 140
lunch (512)
1c rice - 242
1c Tammy's dog food - 230
1c Salad greens - 10
1tsp dressing - 30
coke zero mini (half) - 0
snack (360)
1 pkg hot chocolate - 110
coffee - 30
5 gummies - 50
1 pkg better oats - 170
dinner (700)
5 raw almonds - 35
2.5 Jennie O turkey Bratwursts - 425
2 slices toast - 100
5T yellow mustard - 0
1 1/4 c peas - 140

total calories: 2,084

Funny.  I'm REALLY glad that I did this today.  This is one of the better calories days I've had.  But this afternoon I was totally ravenous. I just couldn't figure it out. I felt almost out of control hungry. I had my "poor mans mocha latte", then I had some gummie candy, I really felt like I was on the verge of freaking out. 

But looking at this I realize that my problem is that I had TOO LITTLE food in the morning.   My lunch was too small.   I need to make sure that I get in a big breakfast and getting into the 600's for those meals so that I don't have horrible afternoons of snack attacks. 

At dinner tonight I was only going to have 2 sausages, but then there was just one left and we were hungry so we split it.   However, if I had made better lunch and breakfast choices, I wouldn't have had to eat so much in the evening.

So... note to self.   BETTER BREAKFAST.

Its the old adage..... eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a lord, and dinner like a pauper.

15 weeks until my Iceland trip.  The rest of this week is for the Ponies!!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday Lunch Mitigation

I did my 30min walk this morning, I did my weights right after, but that 1,600 calorie lunch was weighing on my mind.

My lunch buddy called, because I texted her the amount we ate at lunch and said that she was going to drive to the post office but thought that maybe I was interested in walking with her.

Umm, hell yes!   We ended up completing 5.5km (3.43miles).  It was good. I feel better about the day. 

Dinner is going to be smaller then I first predicted, so I'm going to try and shave off a couple hundred calories from there.

Monday Long Weekend!!

Ahhhh Long weekends are the best.  

Yesterday we had a big night with friends over and lots of food.  I need to make a better plan before we do that again, I don't need to eat 3.5 slices of pizza.  that is just crazy talk.

Today has been better.  Food is good.  I got convinced to go out for lunch again, which was poor on my part, but I'm not going to let that ruin my day.  She did try to get me to go out for dinner with them again this evening, but I told her that my diet doesn't allow for eating out that much in one day, so we would have to pass.  Felt quite proud of that actually.

I have 50lbs to go right now, and that's a big goal for 3 months. I can't be waisting it on eating out when we have a fridge full of great veggies that we bought yesterday!

Husbeast is at the office today, so I'll be making dinner and I'm about to go have a shower when this is done. 

I walked the dog for 30minutes at a good clip this morning. Hip is feeling good.  No soreness from the walking.   I then did my weights for the day.  Very proud.

Bent over row:
right arm: 3 sets 10 reps
left arm: 3 sets 10 reps
Military press
right arm: 3 sets 5 reps, 7 reps, 8 reps
left arm: 3 sets  5 reps, 7 reps, 8 reps
Upright row - 2 handed:
3 sets - 10 reps
Bicep curls:
right arm: 3 sets 4 reps
left arm: 3 sets 4 reps

I have my food planned out for the day, so I'm going to post it now so that I don't have to worry - this IS what I'm going to do for the day and that is that.

****O.M.G.  I just went to the website for La Mad and looked at the calories.  Sweet zombie jebuz, good think I worked out today.   That... is crazy.   I'm going to have to really buckle down this week.  REALLY.BUCKLE.DOWN.   Yeah, eating out is just really not worth it at all.

bfast (370)
2 packages better oats - 340
coffee- 30
lunch (1625)
"La Madeline" cup of Tomato soup - 270
Spinach quiche - 1010
bread - 100
butter - 45
lemon tart - 200
snack (30)
coffee - 30
dinner (702)
1c rice - 242
2c "Tammys Dog food" - 460*

total calories: 2,697

*Tammy's dog food is - 2 onions, 1 pkg Jennie O ground turkey (97/3), pepper, taco seasoning, 3c frozen mixed veg. Looks horrible, tastes great!!!

Sunday Pizza night

We had a bunch of friends over for pizza on Sunday - I knew that it was going to be calorific, so I managed to keep my day of eating tightly under control, and then over indulged at dinner.  Which seems to be the theme of the weekend.

So yesterday was a big calorie day....yikes!   I have some hard work to do this week coming.

bfast (200)
1 better oats oatmeal - 170
Coffee - 30
lunch (616)
2 eggs - 156
1 jennie-o spicy sausage - 160
green onion - 5
2 slices toast - 100
HP - 60
coffee - 30
1/2 snack bag of chocolate mistrals - 105
snack (220)
1 coffee - 30
2 fat free gingerbread cookies - 190
dinner (1585)
salad - 20
dressing - 60
1 slice cheese pizza - thin crust - 383
1 slice spinach pizza thin crust - 162
1/2 slice meat pizza - 350
1 med cupcake - 350

total calories: 2,621

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Saturday Review

Yesterday was a busy day!  Or, mostly busy.  Or, busy enough that I didn't get onto the computer, but.. that didn't mean that I wasn't counting!!!

Up, breakfast brunching with friends, coffee, fun reflexology appointment for us, then hanging with the Husbeast, walking the dog, reading, and renting Planet of the Apes - the new one and early to bed. Ah, we are officially old folks!! ha

Can I just say, that the reflexology appointment was the best $45 (including $10 tip) that I have ever spent.   Hour long, neck, arms, hands, feet, legs and back. Total rub down. I felt like a million dollars after!   WOO!!   We are going to go back again for sure!

bfast (315)
2 slices bread - 100
1T peanut butter - 95
1 banana - 90
coffee - 30
brunch (714)
15 tortilla chips - 250
3T artichoke dip - 300
1 huge salad of greens (Petalluma from Barnaby's) - 65
1/2T ranch/garlic - 30
1T sour cream -  26
1T guacamole - 43
snack (205)
large skim milk latte - 110
fat free gingersnap - 95
snack 2 (30)
coffee - 30
Dinner (967)
Yum Apple spicy salad(Thai) - 175
Penange Chicken (Thai) - 550
1c rice - 242

Not the best paid out day in terms of calories consumed regularly, but I did good in terms of eaten over the day. Very pleased.

Total Calories: 2,231

Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Food

Today was pretty good food wise, I am still very pleased with my hitting my goal weight today! Weee!  I took this afternoon off, as I had to go and renew my drivers license, OMG what a mess that was.   There is 2 hours of my life I'll never get back.  However, I am now renewed, and ready to rock and roll behind the wheel.

I am excited for the next time this has to happen and how much different my picture will look.

Okay - dog got a short walk this evening as it was pouring earlier, and we are tired now.  Quick 8 blocks, and back in the house.

Food Today:
bfast (610)
sm banana - 90
Egg Cheese biscuit - 350
coffee - 30
yogurt - 140
snack (120)
2x praline - 120
lunch (668)
1can progresso light new england clam chowder - 200
4 slices bread - 200
2 slices swiss cheese - 140
1T icbinb - 45
5 raw almonds - 35
1tsp peanut butter - 48
snack (233)
Grande non fat latte - 133
Starbucks fuit chew things - 100
Dinner (660)
gnocchi - 320
1.5 Jenni-O spicy italian sausage - 220
1tsp Pesto - 55
1.5c spinach - 65

Total Calories: 2,291

This is a bit higher then I have been eating, but totally in range.  Lunchtime I was stuffed, and these aren't my normal eating times, so I had already forgotten that I had a banana before I went to work when I was tracking my calories at the office.   Lunch lasted me through until 4pm.  I had a coffee and the fruit snack while waiting to pick up the Husbeast at the office, since I took off this afternoon with the car.

Once again, SUGAR, invaded.   However, on a good note - the damn King Cake from yesterday was waiting for me on my desk again when I got in.  I let it sit there most of the morning before I just took it into the office kitchen to let the "wolves" fall on it.  That was the last that I thought about that damn thing.  I should have done that way sooner.

Right, I have to get to bed early. I am going to get up and take the dog walking in the morning, I have a brunch and pedi with some girlfriends tomorrow at 11, so I'm going to have to get my tail moving in the morning to get everything in.


Got up this morning, and had a good think about yesterday.  Lay in bed chatting with the Husbeast, and we agreed that we are pretty lucky people and have nothing to complain about.  Its true.

A case of the grumpies has been knocked back.

ALSO, today is goal day, and you are going to laugh at this.  I just realized that I made my goal weight yesterday.   296.6.  I was thinking my goal was 296.0    Jeez, pay attention lady.  

so I am happy to report this mornings weigh in!



I need to go in and adjust all my goals for the sooner date of my Iceland vacation, so I will do that today or this weekend. Where ever I can find the time. 


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Back at the weights!

Today I actually managed to get in some weight training. It wasn't much, but its more then not doing anything!

Work today was hell.   Someone brought in a King Cake and well. Yep, I ate some.  three effing slices.  Gawds. Its that sugar crush. I knew better then to have a single slice... an hour later I had justified three.  Keep working Tammy.  Keep working. 

I'm proud that I stayed in my calorie range today, I came home, walked, did a little workout, and ate a reasonable dinner.  Even though my mind wanted to snack, I didn't let it. I keep saying, "my stomach isn't growling, so I can't be hungry". 

After work I took the dog out for a walk, did about 15min worth - my hip is again, getting better, but I don't trust it and every time I have to get up and down the stairs I'm fearing the worst.  Rawr.  This thing is so frustrating.

I have also yelled at the Husbeast tonight, we are both in a foul mood, and its the little things that are getting under our skin.  Taxes, work, housecleaning, food... of course, I'm mad that I'm not thin and perfect and this is "of course" his fault. Gawds, seriously, I must be getting close to my period, I am a GRUMPY BEAR!

Mostly I'm worried that I am not going to make my first goal... and that it will be because I ATE STUPID A$$ CAKE.   WHY DID I DO THAT?!?!?!?!?!?  I'm going to be super annoyed at myself tomorrow if I blew it on cake today.

anyway...onto more interesting things.

Weights:  I only have one 25lb dumbbell.  So all these are done 1 arm at a time, except as noted.

Bent over row (R/L): 10, 10, 10, 10
Military Press (R/L): 5, 6, 7, 5
2 arm upright front row: 8, 8, 8, 8
bicep curls (R/L): 4, 4, 4, 4 curls were pretty weak, but its a start!

bfast (740)
1.5c Dorset fruit & seed muesli - 630
Skim Milk - 80
Coffee - 30
Lunch (616)
1 can Heinz beans - 300
2 slice toast - 100
2 eggs - 156
1T HP Sauce - 60
Snack (440)
coffee - 30
King Cake - 410
Dinner (347)
3c mixed greens - 24
1/2c chick peas - 143
1 hard boiled egg - 78
1/2c shredded beets - 37
3 slices cucumber - 3
1/3c red peppers - 10
1T Parmesan cheese - 22
1T Avocado vinaigrette - 30

Total Calories: 2,143

No pony tonight.  :(  I'm not in the mood.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mid-week slump / C2 5K - W3D1

I turned the frown upside down today.  This was not a great morning for me, ass earlier post, but then I managed to get through it. I went into the building stairwell - run up a flight of stairs, walked down and thought good thoughts!

The real bad news.... I did my Week 3 Day 1 of the Couch to 5K today. Finished and came into the house and realized that my hip was totally screwed again. Its like it was a week and a half ago.  I don't know what it is. Maybe its the pavement - I didn't seem to have this big an issue with it when I'm running on the dirt.  I did 3mile on Sunday night (walking) and it was fine. 

So, I'm going to take this as a sign that running in the 'hood is not going to happen for me, until I get a little lighter, stronger and fitter.   I`ve got to make a change, and that is that I'm going to have to go to the gym, or go to the park.  I know which one the dog would like better!  

Okay - food:

bfast (520)
egg cheese biscuit - 350
coffee - 30
Chiobani lemon yogurt - 140
lunch (503)
3 slices double fiber bread - 150
4 slices swiss cheese - 280
1 lr tomato - 33
1T mayo - 40
Snack (480)
hot chocolate satchel - 110
Coffee - 30
Oatmeal packages x2 - 340
Dinner (385)
6oz ground lean turkey w/ tagine spiced - 213
3/4c Mixed veggies - 60
1/2c onion - 12
1/2 acorn squash - 100

total calories today:  1,888

TODAY I HAD NO CANDY!!!!!!!   Victory for me.. and you Icelandic Pony(ies) of the Day!

Mental Strength

I'm feeling a little crazy today.  I had my weigh in this morning, and for whatever reason, I'm starting to freak out.

Its not enough, it not fast enough, its not big enough, I'm never going to do it, I'm going to be fat forever, I might as well give up, I hate my life, I hate me, Why do I do this. This sucks, I suck, life isn't fair.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh   Deep breath. 

I can do this, I am doing this. Life isn't fair. I can work harder!   There.  much better!!  Let the day continue without spastic eating out of control.  You don't need to do that.  Feeling anxious is a part of life, and not stuffing yourself with candy is a normal thing.  You can change. 

Time for some water and a set of stairs to make me feel normal again.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day!! I got MEAT!!

Ahhh today, the day of lovers.... The day of chocolate.....  The day of MEAT!!!!!!

I got a lovely card, a gift card to DSW, and dinner.... cooked at home with me and the hubby this evening, and he knows how to cook!!  Some really nice surf and turf.  Grassfed beef sirloin, and atlantic salmon.   YUM!!!!

That was followed with some (nasty) low fat ice cream with cherries, and a few pieces of very nice dark chocolate.

I was supposed to get back on the running wagon, and I didn't. Tomorrow I'm going to have to give'er on the make-up run and start back into my weights.  Yikes!   I better get some good rest.

Okay, food today:

Bfast (580)
1 pkg better oats - plum spice - 170
1/2c raw oats - 150
coffee - 30
Apple Cinn Chiobani greek yogurt - 120
1 small cupcake - 65
1 sm bite fudge - 45
Lunch (713)
2 eggs - 156
green onion - 5
cheese - 160
2 tortillas - 300
1/2c salsa - 20
1 slice bread - 50
1/2T icbinb - 22
Snack (345)
5 raw almonds - 35
Redenbokers lime salt mini bag popcorn - 220
Diet Dr. Pepper - 0
2x small Fudge - 90
Dinner (500)
3c mixed salad - 20
1T dressing - 35
4oz Salmon (no skin) - 233
4oz Steak - 212
dessert (374)
1.25c low fat ice cream - 74  (wow it was really NOT great).
1/2c cherries - 100
3 pc chocolate - 200

Total Calories:  2,513

G.D.  I'm pleased with this.   I had a couple of not great moments with the valentines fudge at my desk, but dinner was amazing, and I thought that with all the little indulgences that I would be WAY up there.   Meat to the rescue.  

Note to self:  THIS IS NOT A LICENSE TO EAT CRAP.   Give it a rest for the remainder of the week.

Tomorrow I have to get back into lifting and running.  Then I can really start to enjoy myself.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Meatless Monday Night Dinner!

Food for today was pretty great!  Tonight, I got in a walk with the dog and Husbeast.  I need to start up with the weights again.  I'm slightly scared, considering what I did to my hip, but I think that at the end of this week I should make it a goal to get at least 1 workout in.

I need another good nights sleep, it's nice and chilly tonight, which means I get to snuggle up under the covers and put my icy fingers under the Husbeast to leech heat from him.  Happy life!!!  :D

I indulged this afternoon. There were home-made cookies put on my desk.  I went and made my oatmeal and told myself that if I could eat all my oatmeal, and still desiring the cookie, that I could have a couple.  Which was three.  

Tonight's dinner was amazing. I actually didn't feel hungry for the rest of the night and the afternoon after my snacks.   So I'm really pleased that the calorie count for today is down.  I'm listening a little bit more to the body!!!  Go Me!

Also, I'm REALLY happy about having a larger breakfast, I think that this is helping, so I'm going to keep it up.  I was going to have another yogurt for dessert tonight, but I totally forgot about it!

bfast (520)
Egg cheese biscuit
Chiobani - Blood Orange - greek yogurt - 140
Coffee - 30
lunch (497)
Which Wich - Buffalo chicken! My fav (no cheese) - 497
Diet Dr. Pepper - 0
1 package Better oats - blueberry - 170
1/2c nude oats - 150
3 chocolate chip cookies - 150
Dinner (347)
1 lrg sweet potato - 162
1T icbinb - 45
18 asparagus - 60
1c mixed veg - 80

Calories today: 1,834

PONY of THE DAY!!!  I did this for you and me, Icelandic pony!!! 

courtesy of this site


Weight: Stepped on the scale this morning... 297.4.  Down another .2lbs.

Fitness: Tonight, weights at home & walking the dog.  

Feeling: pumped!!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday foods

ug.    best laid plans get shot to hell.  Food was horrible,  I stayed away from all the sodas, but the chips, sweets and crackers got me.   Fug.  The Husbeast and I did get in a very good brisk 3 mile walk with the dog after we got home and that really helped.

Breakfast was amazing.  Orange Polentina.... YUM, we used zero fat yogurt instead of the cheese, and about a quarter of the honey it called for.  Yummy and sweet enough.

So I'll just get to it.  Food today:

orange polentina - 300
coffee - 30
2 slices bread - 100
1T peanut butter - 95
snack (220)
16 wheat thins (reduced fat) - 130
1T low fat cream cheese - chive - 70
coffee - 20
lunch (848)
6oz chicken - 223
2oz stuffing - 320
1/2c mashed potato - 100
cucumber salad - 75
16 wheat thins - 130
snack (455)
1 med Cherry Tart - 300
1 lrg cake ball - 55
15 chips - 100
dinner (448)
1 can Amy's tomato bisque - 218
1 slice bread - 50
1 Jenni-O spicy italian sausage - 160
3T mustard - 20

Total calories: 2,496

amazing what out of control, mindless eating can do.   Sad, truly.  I'm sorry Ponies.  I'm going to do better this week!

Sunday Weigh In

Got up and weighed in!

Feb 12, 2012 - 297.6lbs.

That's down 5.8lbs from last Sunday, but only down .2lbs from the week before.   I have been doing some fluctuating in changing my eating, and exercise.  So I'm happy with this.   I have 6 days to get to 296 - my goal for that date.  I'm hoping to get down to around 294, so I'm going to work hard.

I haven't updated my goals yet - but I'm going to, I'm going to aim to lose 20lbs a month for three months.  I know that is a significant loss/change of behavior.  I am going to be uncomfortable, and keep my focus.


That being said, we are having our "gaming" day with friends, and they are particularly uncaring about the calories that they consume.  Today is going to be a challenge, but I'm up for it.

Right Pony... I'm doing this for me and you

Today...Pony of the Day is brought to you by this website.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saturday Success!

Got up this morning to a hearty breakfast, did about an hour of weight lifting, had a good lunch at Specs, bought a valentines gift for the Husbeast, helped a friend make some "diaper cakes" for a baby shower that is coming up, got some great food at the market and came home and had almost the same dinner as last night, because it was so stink'n awesome.   Watched some BL on netflix (Season of Sam), and am posting this up before reading in bed.  

Awesome day.

bfast (590)
eggs - 155
1.5 jenni-o sweet italian turkey sausage -  240
green onion - 5
2 slices toast - 100
1T HP sauce - 60
coffee - 30
lunch (596)
1.5c coleslaw (vinegar kind) - 140
4 deviled egg halves - 256
2 sm bags of pop chips - 200
diet rootbeer - 0
coffee - 30
snack 2
Chiobani lemon yogurt - 140
dinner (511)
1/2 spaghetti squash - 44
1.5 jenni-o spicy italian sausage - 240
onion - 12
pasta sauce - 70
2 slices bread - 100
1T icbinb - 45
dessert (300)
3/4c ice cream - 200
1/2c cherries (frozen) - 100

total calories - 2,167

So, I've been hitting the 1900 - 2300 calories range for this week.   I certainly could have gone without the yogurt this afternoon, or the dessert tonight.  I had forgotten about that yogurt actually, when I decided that I was going to have ice cream tonight.  A good lesson to track in one place all my weekend food.

However, I am feeling good about this calorie range. I'm eating well - there was some "junk" in there, but pop chips and diet pop are a significant change in my dietary habits.  I mean. I LOOKED at the calories on the bags of chips before deciding.  Whoa.  Who is this masked woman? 

I did one of the quick online basal metabolic rate tests. I'm sure that this are not entirely accurate, but I do think that they are a pretty close range enough to be usable.   

My daily calories burned are 2094.  That is should I lay in bed and do nothing (might I remind you we live in a three story townhome, so I see a good amount of stairs in a day).  So for now, I'm going to aim for good foods, and a calorie range of 1,900 - 2,300.  

I'm going to be checking back in on this BMR every 10lbs lost, so that I can stay on top of the less calories that I need to haul my decreasing a$$ around each day!!

I'm excited for my Weigh-in tomorrow - my first "goal weight" weigh in is on Wednesday.  I'm kinda pumped.... Icelandic Ponies here I come!!

And now... for my inspiration, I shall instate the PONY OF THE DAY.....todays icelandic pony is brought to you by this website.


Friday, February 10, 2012

Ah Friday!!!

Excellent day. I am loving the cooler weather (for the South that is) and sleeping great.  I love to get curled up and warm under the blankets!

Its almost time for bed, so I'll keep this one short.

Food today
bfast (540)
egg biscuit - 350
chiobhani pineapple yogurt - 160
coffee - 30
lunch (607)
1 can Amys spicy chili - 427
2 slice toast - 100
1 slice cheese - 80
snack (245)
1 pkg blueberry oatmeal - 170
1/4c raw oats - 75
dinner (326)
1/2 med Spaghetti squash - 44
1 Jenni-O sweet italian sausage - 160... this was a massive relief compared with "sausage-gate"
Onion - 12
Pasta Sauce - 70
12 Asparagus steamed (so good) - 40
dessert! (325)
1c vanilla ice cream - 250
1 small banana - 75

total calories: 2,043

okay - time for bed, after a quick skim of the blogs for tonight!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thursday Food & Running

Got in my second run of the week today.  Once again - this one was a little better then the last one.  Hip is gaining strength back and is getting less sore.  Its still twingey, but its making a recover!

My plans for the next three months have changed....see earlier post.   I'm going to Iceland in June and to go on the Viking Riding tour I need to be under 240lbs.   That is a tall order, but I'm going to give it the old college try and ... well... I don't want to be like this....

I have some more planning to get done - but more then just planning, I have some hard work to get done.   This weigh thing is 80% what I put in my mouth and 20% what I make my body do.  That 80% is mentally hard, really hard.  So that is where I'm going to have to focus.  I'm going to take some time out of my days now to really work on this.

Okay - food today:
bfat (330)
Chiobani peach yogurt - 140
Apple spice oatmeal package - 130
coffee x2 - 60
lunch (775)
2 slices Natures own double fiber bread - 200
2 med tomatoes - 44
1T mayo - 40
2 slices cheese - 160
1/2c rice - 121
1/2c Tammy's dog food - 210
snack (295)
1T peanut butter - 95
1/2c raw oats - 150
5 gummies - 50
dinner (691)
3 eggs - 228
1T ff creamer - 20
1 slice cheese - 80
12 stalks asparagus - 40
4 green onions - 8
1 small tomato - 15
2 WW tortillas - 300

total calories: 2,091

Notes to self on todays eating....
1. too few calories in the morning
2. too big a snack in the afternoon
3. No more candy....that shit will not help you get on the back of an icelandic pony!


Well – it looks like I’m going to have to up my game.  I’m taking a vacation. A very awesome vacation, in June 2012 for a week… to Iceland.
And I want to do this…REAL bad….  Viking Express Horse Tour

And to do that, I need to weight under 240lbs, for the sake of the little horses.   I can do this for the sake of the little horses, and for my once in a lifetime experience of riding through Viking lands of Iceland on an Icelandic Pony.  

Umm, yeah. Things just got real serious.   That’s 20lbs a month for three months.  Time to get to work and make this happen.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hungry Monkey on my Back!

Today was a whole lot better.   Phew, cause I really didn't want to keep going on that train.

I didn't get any exercise in, but I had my chiro appointment and I'm feeling better from that.  I'm going to run again tomorrow and then I'm going to try weights on Friday.   Lots more stretching and icing.  I'm on the mend.

Food today was a lesson about sugar and eating like that.  I had this hungry monkey on my back all day and I couldn't stop thinking about food.  It was crazy.   I did good, but to help myself I ate more (more good stuff) then I really wanted to, just to try and stop the "racket" ... ice cream ice cream ice cream.....

I ate a lot of my dinner and after couldn't have eaten any ice cream. Once I felt that, it dropped from my mind and I enjoyed some quiet time watching NOVA and petting the dog.  Much better.

egg cheese biscuit - 350
coffee - 30
Which Wich - buffalo chicken 7inch sammich - 479 (YUM and under 500!!!!!!)
- no cheese, wheat bread, buffalo chicken, yellow mustard, Buffalo sauce, horseradish, red onion,
lettuce, tomato, pepperocinis, cucumber, bell peppers, black olives)
5 gummies - 50
1 package better oats oatmeal (spiced plum) - 170
1/4 c raw oats - 75
"poor mans mocha" - 130  (hot chocolate package, coffee, creamer)
snack 2
Lara bar - gingersnap - 220
1c rice - 242
2c "Tammys Dog food" - 460*

total calories: 2,206

Now this is more calories then I would like to get in a day, however I did manage to not do a LOT of things that I thought about today.... Soda, chocolate bar (300+), second breakfast (350), chocolate shake (750) at Which Wich, ice cream (300+) after dinner....

A larabar after getting all the grocery shopping done after work is a pretty good treat on the scale of things that I thought about getting. 

So all in all, I think that this was a pretty good recovery day!

*Tammy's dog food is - 2 onions, 1 pkg Jennie O ground turkey (97/3), pepper, taco seasoning, 3c frozen mixed veg.  Looks horrible, tastes great!!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Will power has been in short supply around here these last few days and I need to get on blogging it so that I can just MOVE ON.  Gawds.   Sugar Salt Sugar Salt.  Its a freaking roller coaster.

Today I went for my first run back on the program.  My running buddy has happily let us move back to re-do week 2 of the couch 2 5K program.  My hip is still sore, but not like it was.  I felt better at the end of the run, then I did at the beginning.  That's progress.  I've iced it out tonight, and I'm going to get on the foam roller and take care of it tonight with that too.

Food.... has been a DISASTER.   The birthday dinner was the first step and I should have really stuck to my guns.  I guess I'm going to have to learn that disappointing other people is better then disappointing myself.... this is a hard long lesson to learn.

egg cheese biscuit - 350
coffee - 30
2c Amys low fat Butternut Squash Soup - 200
4 slices bread - 200
2 slices cheese - 160
1T icbinb - 45
5 raw almonds - 35
1 package better oats - 170
3 brownies - 450
Sm bag movie theater popcorn w/ butter - 650
1 package twizzlers - 600

total calories - 2,890
I was doing great until the afternoon and the brownies landed on my desk.  I reached for one, and managed to eat three.  

Tuesday was not that much better:
yogurt - 270
coffee x2 - 60
cake - 300
Penna Pasta - 300
Pasta sauce - 70
veg - 45
Almonds - 35
package better oats - 170
14c raw oats - 75
2 brownies - 300
handful of candy - 100
Roasted Chicken - 420
1.5c mixed veg - 100

todays total: 2,245

better, but the sugar kick has got to stop.  I've been pounding the water and I've got my focus back for tomorrow.  

Chiro appointment, oatmeal breakfast, chiro at lunch - subway sandwich - good dinner.   I can do it.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Salty Sunday

SALTY !!!!!!!   Yesterday's lunch and last nights sushi dinner turned ugly with 3 glasses of champagne, and surprise dessert.   Today I am bloated and swollen with the massive salt and carb intake.

Weight In:  an unsurprising 303.4

I also spent most of today helping a friend with her pre for a babyshower.

Yesterdays dinner gave way to a carb-a-rific Sunday.  Bleck.  That's why I hate to go out to dinner like that.   But, it has to be done some days.

food today:
2 eggs - 155
3/4c Turkey black bean mix - 200
2 slices toast - 100
coffee - 30
2 slices bread - 100
1T peanut butter - 95
1T jam - 50
1 grande skinny latte - 133
1 pumpkin bread - 390 (??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! holy cr@p!)
snack 2
1 vanilla cupcake - 380 (*sigh*)
3 Heart smart bisquick pancakes -  325
2T maple syrup - 200
1T icbinb - 45
1/2c mixed berries - 35

total today:  2,238

So eating today was carbs, carbs, carbs, carbs and carbs...... great.   buh,,,, I can't wait to get back to veggies and lighter dinners this week.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Back to Training!

Weights today!!!!    I was joined by a girlfriend of mine as we went to a session on power/weightlifting today.  I didn't know how I was going to hold up in the hip department, but it was excellent.  Once I'm done here, it's going to get iced and stretched out again.  

We were three from 11 - 1pm  lifting with lots of other people, so it was low rep, high on speed and power.   Great full body workout, and I'm tired!   Lunch that was provided, it was low on nutrition and high on calories, but since we were working so hard I'm not going to be too concerned about it.

The Husbeast made an amazing breakfast for us.  eggs cooked in tomatoes with toast.   SO delish.

Tonight we have dinner out with friends for a birthday - we are going to go for sushi.  My plan is to make sure to eat the leftovers from yesterday before we go, so that I'm slightly full, and then drink a LOT of water/tea to help keep me filled up while I'm there.   But I'm looking forward to some spicy tuna, sashimi and edemame!

Food (so far):
1 lrg tomato - 33
1 egg - 78
.4 oz cheese - 36
2 slices toast - 100
1T icbinb - 45
1tsp peanut butter - 47
coffee - 30
chocolate chip cookie lara bar - 230
3 med slices pepperoni pizza - 850
coffee - 30
pre dinner
2oz Chicken breast - 85
1T franks Red hot wing sauce - 0
1/4c cauliflower - 6
2 beets - 44

Total - 1,614

My estimation for this evening:

3 pc spicy tuna roll - 200
2 pc california roll - 75
4 salmon sashimi - 156
1/2c edemame - 29
1 glass champagne - 78

estimated total: 538

so if this happens it will be approx 2,152

So that is what I'm shooting for!!

Friday catch up

It was Friday yesterday, and I had a friend coming to spend the night so I didn't get a chance to get on the puter!

I had my second chiro adjustment at noon yesterday and everything was mucho better!  My neck is still getting back into it, but my hip is so much better!    I actually trotted down the stairs this morning without thinking!

That's progress.

Friday Food:
egg, cheese biscuit - 350
coffee - 30
12inch roasted chicken sub - 545
22 snapea peas - 130
1 sugar cookie - 75
44 snapea crisps - 260
diet coke - 0
5 gummies - 50
5oz skiness boneless chicken breast grilled - 214
2T franks red hot wing suace - 0
3 med beets - 66
1/2c cauliflower - 13
1/4T evoo - 30
1strawberry - 4
2 blackberries - 4
2 raspberries - 4
1 liberte coconut yogurt - 270

Total calories: 2,045

Not great, but not terrible.  I let my snacking slide in the afternoon and I know why.   I didn't each lunch until past 1pm.   After breakfast at 8.30, that is just WAY too long to let it go.  My chiro appointment took forever and instead of being done at 2.15, I was done at 12.50, and that really was too long to wait for food.  

I got back to work and inhaled my sandwich, accepted a cookie that I shouldn't have and went on a hunt for food.   So better prep for this next time - then no "hangry" tammy food seeking.  

Other then that, I'm quite pleased with how I'm going. Things are well on thier way.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Back to Normal

Finally!    I'm feeling human again.  The Husbeast said that I was asleep with the click of the light last night. I'll take his word for it, because I certainly don't remember!!!  :)

This morning I felt great; I've been walking normally all day and negotiated the stairs with no pain.  So Happy.  So Very Happy.  Saturday I have a day of exercise with a friend planned out, some of it might be too much for me, but I'll warm up and see what I have to give.

Saturday we have a birthday dinner out for sushi.  I'm excited, I've not had sushi in a long time, and a day of working will make that all the better!

Lunch today was pure yum!  I dont know what it is, but there is something about a PB&J sammich with a glass of milk that is just soooooo happy!

Food was great today. Calories are on track.  

Better Oats Chai spice package - 170
1/2 raw oats - 150
coffee - 30
4slices Natures own double fiber bread - 200
2T natual peanut butter - 190
1T whole fruit jam - 60
1c 2% milk - 130
better oats oatmeal - plum spice - 170
5 small corn tortillas -  225
5oz Ground Turkey, onion, blackbean soup mix - 255
1/2c pico de gallo - 20
5 raw almonds - 35

Total claories: 1,635

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Much better!!

Today was much better.  I begged off work for the afternoon so that after my chiro appointment I could just go home and relax, and not go back to sitting at a desk for 4 hours and ruin all the good work that was done.

OMG I feel so much better.  I can negotiate stairs up with no pain, and down with a lot less.  Neck is feeling better too.  I have another appointment on Friday to help get me sorted out properly. 

I'm going to get in weekly right now, while I'm starting up the running and weights again... I must NEVER let myself go this long when I'm feeling poorly again. 

This afternoon I had a major food victory.  I was home, ate my sandwich and watched some netflix with the dog. I snacked on .... NOTHING!  I didn't need food to reward myself or "make the day better".  For a treat I went up and put on a cranberry face mask, read my book and had a hot shower.  

Rewarding myself this was a major step forward... I didn't go out and get foods that I find comfort in to eat on the couch while I'm home alone.  I don't have the guilt of burying the empty containers in the garbage where my husband won't find them.  So good progress from yesterday.

I am happy with my choices.

Today food was excellent, its pretty much the lowest calories that I've eaten in a day... ever?! But I mostly was laying and doing nothing, so its all good.   I'm going to have my evening snack and that should round me out to almost 1,200.

Most rest tonight and back in the saddle tomorrow.

Chobani Greek Yogurt - blood orange - 140**
Coffee x2 - 60
Foot long Subway - Roasted Chicken on whole wheat - 545
(shredded cheese, yellow mustard, ranch, lettuce, tomato, onion, green pepper, black olives, jalapenos, cucumber)
mini coke zero
5oz Baked Salmon - 292
3c - Mixes Salad - 20
1T Tangerine dressing - 35
1bag Orville Redenbokers Lime&Salt mini popcorn - 100

total calories: 1,192

**I totally thought that this was in the 250 range it was so rich and thick.  WOW!  140,  pretty awesome!!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Old Habits

I'm suffering. My hip is still not right...and now my neck is all seized up from walking/sitting and sleeping in funny positions.  I'm an unhappy camper.

Same sad story, different day.  My chiro appointment is tomorrow and I'm very happy about that. I'm going to need a few more appointments this week to try and get right.

I have to keep reminding myself......I'm not as young as I was, my body is going to fight against changes, its going to fight against activity, and old injuries are going to keep coming up.

AND....That is why I HAVE to keep changing. Carrying all this weight is what is giving me all the pain that I am suffering right now.   Its not the running, its not the kettle bell... its the fat.  This fat is agony.

The fat is how I got to here... I got tempted (it's easy, I'm tired, I'm sore...) and went out for lunch.  Fish tacos. I did not do the math beforehand.  I did not do the math on purpose or I wouldn't have gone... and so we have this.

egg cheese biscuit - 350
coffee - 30
2oz corn chips - 277
2oz salsa - 15
grilled fish tacos - 969
diet coke - 0
1/2 roasted chicken - 480
4T Franks red hot wing sauce - 0
3/4 c brussle sprouts - 42

total calories: 2,163

And that is why I got to over 300lbs.  I used to eat out like that EVERY lunch.   Lesson... I would be much happier right now if I had gone to Which Wich, or come home and eaten grilled cheese.

Old habits die hard... and Tammy... DO NOT FORGET that a small measure of success does not give liberty to return to old habits.

Monday, January 30, 2012

1 more rest day

The sore hip is feeling better, I can still feel some pain when going up stairs, but it doesn't hurt going down them, while standing or while walking.  Success is just around the corner for this.  One more night of ice and rest and I'm going to give my Couch 2 5K a go tomorrow. 

Food today was less good then I wanted.  My first error was not filling up my water bottle in the morning.  Big mistake.  Huge.   I didn't hardly drink any water until after lunch.

By this afternoon I was snacky, hungry, frustrated....all kinds of things.... what I really needed was more water to fight off the sugar craving in the afternoon.

Nevertheless, it was still a good day by past standards, but this afternoons snacking got out of control.  Not good.  Tomorrow will be better and I'll be on top of the water situation!

Better Oats Oatmeal x2 – 340
Coffee - 30
2 slices cheddar cheese – 160
4 slices Natures own double fiber bread - 200
1 can Chicken & Rice Progresso soup - 280
Oatmeal – 170
5 gummies - 50
1/2 arrow chocolate bar - 100
6oz shrimp - 168
½ box couscous – 375
1c Peas – 125

total calories today: 1,998