Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Food & stuffs!

Once again, the breakfast is letting me down. I need to eat more.   

We are off this afternoon to head into the wild west of Texas.  Dog is coming on his first big roadtrip with us.   Should be fun!! 

I'm promising myself that I am going to make better choices on food. except tonight.  We are rolling through College Station and there is a fabulous restaurant there that we get to once a year.  However, I think we are going to get a main and 3 appies to share and a dessert to share.  Its a wonderful local, fresh chefs place and we like to indulge there.   Since we will be getting plaenty of exercise this weekend walking around, we are going to splurge tonight. 

Anyway. here is what happened today so far.

Bfast (380)
Egg biscuit - 350
Coffee - 30

20 jelly beans (fudging beans!) – 100

Lunch ( 765 )
1 blackened basa fish - 217
2T tartar sauce - 95
1c beets - 75
1/2c squash casserole - 85
1 roll - 84
1T icbinb – 45
1c banana pudding - 164


  1. Hope you have fun! Road trips are a danger zone for me! I LOVE candy and the all the gas stations along the way have plenty of it!

    What are you going on the trip for?