Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Old Habits

I'm suffering. My hip is still not right...and now my neck is all seized up from walking/sitting and sleeping in funny positions.  I'm an unhappy camper.

Same sad story, different day.  My chiro appointment is tomorrow and I'm very happy about that. I'm going to need a few more appointments this week to try and get right.

I have to keep reminding myself......I'm not as young as I was, my body is going to fight against changes, its going to fight against activity, and old injuries are going to keep coming up.

AND....That is why I HAVE to keep changing. Carrying all this weight is what is giving me all the pain that I am suffering right now.   Its not the running, its not the kettle bell... its the fat.  This fat is agony.

The fat is how I got to here... I got tempted (it's easy, I'm tired, I'm sore...) and went out for lunch.  Fish tacos. I did not do the math beforehand.  I did not do the math on purpose or I wouldn't have gone... and so we have this.

egg cheese biscuit - 350
coffee - 30
2oz corn chips - 277
2oz salsa - 15
grilled fish tacos - 969
diet coke - 0
1/2 roasted chicken - 480
4T Franks red hot wing sauce - 0
3/4 c brussle sprouts - 42

total calories: 2,163

And that is why I got to over 300lbs.  I used to eat out like that EVERY lunch.   Lesson... I would be much happier right now if I had gone to Which Wich, or come home and eaten grilled cheese.

Old habits die hard... and Tammy... DO NOT FORGET that a small measure of success does not give liberty to return to old habits.

Monday, January 30, 2012

1 more rest day

The sore hip is feeling better, I can still feel some pain when going up stairs, but it doesn't hurt going down them, while standing or while walking.  Success is just around the corner for this.  One more night of ice and rest and I'm going to give my Couch 2 5K a go tomorrow. 

Food today was less good then I wanted.  My first error was not filling up my water bottle in the morning.  Big mistake.  Huge.   I didn't hardly drink any water until after lunch.

By this afternoon I was snacky, hungry, frustrated....all kinds of things.... what I really needed was more water to fight off the sugar craving in the afternoon.

Nevertheless, it was still a good day by past standards, but this afternoons snacking got out of control.  Not good.  Tomorrow will be better and I'll be on top of the water situation!

Better Oats Oatmeal x2 – 340
Coffee - 30
2 slices cheddar cheese – 160
4 slices Natures own double fiber bread - 200
1 can Chicken & Rice Progresso soup - 280
Oatmeal – 170
5 gummies - 50
1/2 arrow chocolate bar - 100
6oz shrimp - 168
½ box couscous – 375
1c Peas – 125

total calories today: 1,998

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Weigh In

First thing... weigh in. 

I guess I never decided on an official weigh in day, but I try to weigh everyday (and write it on my pink sticky notes next to the computer), but don't want to bother to post it.  I did update the side bar with each day I tracked, and am VERY pleased with the trend.

Today's weigh in:  297.8lbs.  That's -8.8lbs

I'm still 2 weeks out from my -10 goal, so I'm very pleased!!!!!!!  Keeping on going just as I am now and I should be in good shape for that first goal. :)

We had some friends over for breakfast today.   I am not used to cooking for a big crowd, so I'm glad they brought along some mini kolache's to add to the mix.  It was 11.15 before we ate anything!  So really it was brunch. 

I made "healthy-ish" pancakes.  I mixed Bisquick, Bobs Red Mill 12 grain pancake mix, eggs, & water.  Mixed with a strong arm and then in a pan with fat free spray.

I counted it all out and each pancake was 1/2c batter (used my measuring cup to pour into the pan) and came in at 190 calories. Not too bad, they were a good size.   I'm only just getting hungry now, and its been 5 hours since we ate.    I've got dinner planned out, so I'll be down getting that ready once I'm done here!

Hip.... its feeling better, not 100% YET, but much better.  This morning I was moving around with no pain, just a slight stiffness.  Now, after some stairs, in and out with the dog to the groomers, rough housing a little with the friends kids, and standing all morning...its feeling tired and sore.   More ice tonight and back to bed early. 

2 pancakes - 380
2T Maple Syrup - 104
2T mixed berries (blue, black & rasp) - 25
1T icbinb - 45
3 coffee's - 90
4 mini kolache's - 120
5 raw almonds - 35
1can heinz beans - 244
3 slices Natures own double fiber bread - 150
2 slice provolone cheese - 160
3/4c mixed veg - 60
1T HP sauce - 60
1/2 italian sausage (leftovers ftw!) - 180

Total calories: 1,653

EDIT::  changed up the dinner to include the last sausage from dinner a few days ago and left off with the evening snack.    Its 8.30pm and I'm not hungry anyway!  :)

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saturday Resting

A restful day of crafting, watching netflix and icing my hip.   I'm still not able to walk up the stairs like a normal person, so I'm giving it a break and just resting. 

However, I'm not overeating, as a "couch" day would have been.  Sitting on the couch was a license to snack in the past.  Today it was me, a cup of coffee with fat free creamer and some magazines.  Dog on the floor and husbeast busy around the house.   Luxury!

In honor of Robbie Burns Night (which we missed) we had haggis and eggs for breakfast!  It was so lovely that I included a picture! 

Yummy Haggis and eggs, dry toast and coffee!

Now that I've got my blogging done, I'm going to have a long bath, with bubbles, and really enjoy the hell out of a book.

1/4c haggis - 170
1.5 eggs - 116
2T mushrooms - 2
2T onion - 8
2 slices toast (dry) - 100
HP sauce - 60
coffee - 30
coffee - 30
5 raw almonds - 35
1 med red potato - 150
1 pouch lemon pepper tuna - 120
3/4c mixed veg - 60
1tsp mayo - 20
1 slice chedder cheese - 80
Better Oats oatmeal - 170
dinner (already planned)
1/2 med spaghetti squash - 42
1.5c pasta sauce - 105
6oz ground xlean turkey - 210
1/4c onion - 32
3/4c brussel sprouts - 42

total calories today: 1,583

Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Night Rest

Limping around today. I have definitely overdone my running and weights. I guess I underestimated the amount of stairs that I do everyday at home and the extra stress that gives me on top of the rest of it. We have a three floor townhome, each floor is 15 steps up and I’m up and down those bad boys all the evening when I’m in. My left hip has staged a revolt. It is not happy.

Tonight I’m going to let the Husbeast walk the dog, and I’m going to ice my hip, rest and relax and see if this inflammation/pain won’t go away. Tonight is prime TV night…Kitchen Nightmares, Grimm and Fringe, so it’s the perfect time for laying on the couch suffering.

In happy news. Eating is really going well. I’ve tried calorie counting before, but always ended up getting bogged down with tracking the calories, fats, proteins, and carbs. It ended up being so much work that I just would quit. 

There is an unquantifiable difference this time with my attitude and weight. I’m not sure what exactly it is, and I don’t want to spook it away by talking about it, but I feel different. More resolute. More determined. More “when, not if”. I’m changing, my body is responding. I’m … happy instead of stressed out. There have been ups and downs – I weigh myself most mornings, but instead of seeing a +2 and crying, then seeing a -4 and cheering, I’m happier all around – there is a downwards trend and I’m doing the right things. Eating less, moving more, enjoying life. 

Today at lunch I was invited out at the last minute. I was planning on going home to eat beans and toast, but landed at the pub. I had water, and a BLT toasted on sourdough. The sandwich was small, but it’s the $4.00 lunch special. It came with a little cup of coleslaw, which was horrible. So… I DIDN”T EAT IT. A revelation for someone like me so scarfs everything put in front of her. I just didn’t like it, so I didn’t eat it. The toast was really thin, there was very little to the sandwich and I was pleased.

Food today:
Egg Cheese biscuit – 350
Coffee – 30
Oatmeal (spiced plum) – 170
Coffee - 30
2 thin slices of Sourdough – 175
2 slices Tomato – 7
1 tsp mayo - 30
1 lettuce leaf - 5
2 slice bacon – 92
1T coleslaw - 11
Oatmeal – 170
1/4c nude oats - 75
½ med Acorn squash - 112
½ box Couscous – 375
1/2c ice cream - 200


 Perfection! I even had room for some ice cream today!! Rest and iceing my hip is in order!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Couch 2 5K - Day 5

My running buddy is sick so I was on my own for this one. 

I ended up running an extra set (1.5min running, 2min walking). I thought that I might have "fat fingered" the screen  accidentally because I was behind where I would normally be when finishing.  After the extra set was done, I remembered that I had to do a 1 block detour at the start, so I was actually ahead!  All Good!

Distance today was 3.05km!   Not too shabby.   However, my left hip is killing me. :(  Ahh the life of joints on an obese person - they are bearing load for the weight of two right now, and this hip is just not happy.   Of course, riding a desk all day as a job is not helpful.   I've got to get it stretched out and I am getting aggressive on the foam roller tonight!!!

I'm going to give the glutes and IT Band a good going over and that should help a lot.  Also...Hello Ibuprofen my sweet sweet lover.  Come to Tammy.

Food today was good today.   I'm really pleased with my more conscious eating, particularly at the office and in the evenings.  No mindless grazing.


Liberte yogurt - strawberry - 270
coffee - 30
Lunch (yesterdays dinner leftovers)
1c savoy cabbage (steamed) - 34
1c Kale (steamed) - 17
1 Italian spicy sausage - 360
1T HP sauce - 60
2 med Red potatoes - 308
1 Coke Zero (mini) - 0
coffee - 30
3 gummies - 30
1 can Amy's tomato bisque - 360
4 slices Natures Own double fiber bread - 200
2 slices Provolone cheese - 160
1T icbinb - 45

Total calories: 1,904

About 100 calories more then I was aiming for, but I'm very pleased with my choices today.  It wasn't burgers and chips.  I was thinking of only having a single sandwich with my soup, but I was actually hungry, so I had two.  Next time I'll make three and split one with the Husbeast.   Why didn't I think of THAT earlier.   rawr.   Time to get funky on the floor (after some blog reading!).

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Celebration of a single sausage

yes... that is right.  I'm celebrating a sausage.   Last night the Husbeast and I talked about what we were going to have for dinner.  We settled on bubble and squeak (potatoes, kale and cabbage) and sausages.   Yes...sausageS!   Until this morning when I took them out of the freezer and glanced at the calories, so that I could plan my day and saw that a SINGLE SAUSAGE was 360 calories.   Sweet zombie jebuz.   That's my entire breakfast!! 

So I said, "Self, you can do this, but only if you have 1 sausage".  I am unhappy to admit that typically it was 2.5 sausages... which is a gut expanding 900 calories.  Tammy... you didn't get to 300lbs by eating carrots and celery...where did you think that it came from??

So, I planned my meals out in the morning and saw that I was going to have to be very good all day if I was even going to be able to eat my single sausage.

And I was!!!!!

I would also like to note "to self" that I wore a pair of pants that I had been previously avoiding without admitting why (didn't fit) and today, they buttoned up comfortabley.  There you go.

Food today:

Egg, cheese & biscuit - 350
Coffee - 30
2 better oats packages (Chai & Cin spice) - 340
1/4c plain oats - 75
coffee - 30
3 m&m's - 30 
1c savoy cabbage (steamed) - 34
1c Kale (steamed) - 17
1 tsp icbinb - 23
1 Itallian spicy sausage - 360
1T HP sauce - 60
2 med Red potatoes - 308
Coke Zero (mini) - 0

Total: 1,657

WOOWOO!!!!!   I had a single sausage for dinner and I'm proud.  That single sausage did just fine. I didn't die of starvation (what?!) and it was delish and the right portion and it filled me up.

Here is to changing behaviors.


This was not as good today. I've been foot sore, hip sore, tired and lack luster all day and last night.  I skipped my weights today and opted for a light walk with the dog, and I'm going to go and do some stretching, then read and hope to be asleep before 10.30 tonight. 

Running tomorrow!  Going to be good and rested!  

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Couch 2 5K - Day 4

I was on my own today with the dog for my run, I thought about it all afternoon, and made excuses for why I wasn't going to do it...I'll do stairs...I'll do more on the weekend... I'll ...bargain my way into being fat forever.  NO!

I came home. I ran. I feel great!

funny that, isn't it.  I completed 2.80 km.

Food today was excellent...it was the day of the buffalo chicken. I'm in the mood for hot today for some reason.

2 packages better oats (chia spice & cinnamon spice) - 340
coffee - 30
Which Wich - buffalo chicken 7inch sammich - 479
  - no cheese, wheat bread (toasted), buffalo chicken, yellow mustard, Buffalo sauce, horseradish, red onion, lettuce, tomato, pepperocinis, cucumber, bell peppers, black olives)
Diet Dr. Pepper - 0
1 package better oats (cinnamon plum spice!) - 170
10 M&M's - 70
5oz skinless boneless breat meat (grilled) - 214
2T Franks Red Hot Wing sauce - 0
4 med beets roasted - 88
1/2 c cauliflower - 13
1T EVOO (from the roasting) - 120
2oz fresh squeezed oj - 28

Total: 1,552

Dinner was so excellent that I had to take a picture.  I'm looking forward to cooking all the dinners this week with our groceries from last Saturday.   So many yummy veg! 

Today's 1,552. Totally awesome.  Weighed in this morning at 304.4lbs.  Felt great about that.  My ankles are still puffy, I'm thinking that my body is adjusting to all this exercise and they are particularly cranky (old injuries).   So I'm feeling good.   Really Good! 


Monday, January 23, 2012

Meatless Monday, Weights & Weigh In

MEATLESS Monday!   I come home at lunch and watch The Chew most days - it is bliss being so close to the office.  Today they had meatless monday as the theme and it fit well into today's eating, so we decided to skip the meat tonight at dinner to round out the day as veggie only.

After work I got in a 20min walk with the dog, and then hit my weights program.  I was determined to get in three sets.  AND I DID!!

Set 1.
10 sumo squats with KB between legs /crunches - 50
15 KB swings / planks - 15 count
10 KB High Clean pulls - Right arm /wall sits - 25 count
10 KB High Clean pulls - Right arm / push ups - 20

Set 2.10 sumo squats with KB between legs / crunches - 40
15 KB swings / planks - 12 count
10 KB High Clean pulls - Right arm / wall sits - 25 count
10 KB High Clean pulls - Right arm / push ups - 20

Set 3.10 sumo squats with KB between legs / crunches - 50
15 KB swings / planks - 12 count
10 KB High Clean pulls - Right arm / wall sits - 25 count
10 KB High Clean pulls - Right arm / push ups - 20

And here I am... all done and sweaty.


The dog was less impressed......

Food was much better today,  ate well, and enjoyed my food, but didn't feel panicy or like I needed to consume more.  I saw the treats that were out on my co-workers desk, but really didn't have much interest.  I was really busy today, so that always helps.


Liberte Yogurt - Apple Crisp - 270
Coffee x 2 - 60
5 Raw Almonds - 35
1/2 box Toasted Pine nut couscous - 345
1/2c curry lentil soup - 150
Edemame - 55
Better Oats oatmeal - 160
1/2 box WW Penne pasta - 300
Pasta sauce - 70
1/4c carrots - 13
1/4c onion - 17
1/4c mushroom - 4
1T ice cream - 25
1T baileys liquor - 24
Total: 1,528
Weigh In:

The good stuff.... I weighed in this morning with low expectations, that were not unfounded.  My feet and hands were puffy, I was retaining water from all the salt that I had on Saturday and Sunday and I could feel it.  My feet were swollen all day today in fact, it wasn't until I finished my weights that I finally felt mostly normal.

1-23-2012 - 306.6 lbs

I'm excited for next week though - I think that it will be a significant loss, I'm wearing my favorite hoodie right now and it feels a looser, so there are things afoot!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Falling back into old habits

Today was my day of rest, and I was needing it. 

My joints are sore, my muscles are sore, my head is sore.  I was looking forward to a fun day of meeting up with some friends to have Dim sum and celebrate the Chinese New Year (Jan 23... Year of the Black Water Dragon). 

But, I think that really, I was already making excuses for how much I was going to eat.  I'm guessing at my calories for dim sum because I don't really know.  I certainly controlled myself more then I would have typically.  But, its salty, fatty doughy food.  And this afternoon I let it slip. 

I should have come home, ate some oatmeal and fruit, but I wanted ice cream, and Muscat Grape Gummies from the Chinese grocery, and then I wanted cheese with dinner.  That is the horrible continuation of last night terrible eating.


Food today:

1 WW Pita - 220
2T Peanut butter - 215
1.5T Jam - 150
coffee - 30

Dim sum - 800
9 gummies - 180

ice cream - 160

scrambled eggs - 155
cheese - 220
hot sauce - 0
pita - 220

total: 2,350

So I can already FEEL the salt building up in my body.  My feet are swollen and I'm headachey and puffy.  Great work there Tammy...way to be.   Monday is coming, time to up the water and work harder at controlling what gets in front of me.

Lunches at home this week, water and good breakfasts.  Buckling down.  I'm going to get three sets of my weights in tomorrow.   Yes Yes Yes!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday calories

We had a bday party to get to tonight, I should have taken my own advice and eaten first.  But, I was talked out of it.  Massive Error.


coffee - 30
oatmeal package (apple/cinn) - 160
2 eggs - 155
Turkey Meatloaf (2oz) - 100
Lrg Whole Wheat Pita - 220
5 almonds - 35
2 turkey hot dogs - 203
2 hot dog buns - 168
4T mustard (I LOVE mustard) - 37
1 hamburger pattie (sans bun) - 319
2 slices tomato - 7
2oz tortilla chips - 277
3T queso -75
2oz ruffles potato chips - 320
1 slice pound cake - 109

Total calories: 2,215

Gawd Damn chips and beef patties are REALLY not worth it.  :(

Couch 2 5 K - Day 3

I made it to Saturday morning.  and I've already done a days with of chores and its only noon.  

8.30am we dropped the car off for a service and upgrade for some recall that needed doing.  The Husbeast and I went off to the HEB for an early morning shop for the next 10-12 days of food.  Its so much less savage in there with fewer people.

Beets, cabbage, onions, potatoes, oranges, onions, kale, acorn squash, spaghetti squash, ground turkey (2 pks), hot sausage (1pk), shrimp, provalone & sharp chedder sliced cheese, better oats oatmeal packages (5 boxes various...spiced plum is one of my favs! if you haven't tried it), frozen mixed veg, frozen brussel sprouts steamers (2), flavored couscous packages (4), pasta sauce (2), whole wheat pasta, whole wheat gnocchi, heinz beans (3), Amys tomato bisque soup (4), Natural Peanut butter, TP, ibuprofen, kitchen sponge (2), gluclosamine. 

A couple of other things I can't remember... $152.00... not too shabby. 

Evening meals planned for this weekend and coming week:
bubble and squeek with sausage (mashed potato with chopped cooked cabbage and kale)
Couscous & acorn squash
Spaghetti Squash, pasta sauce with ground turkey
Beans & toast
Soup & grilled cheese
"jacket potatoes" stuffed with tuna and mixed veg
gnocchi and pasta sauce
Couscous with shrimp & brussel sprouts
Tammys "dog food".  Sauteed ground turkey, chopped onion with taco seasoning with frozen mixed veg over rice.
Pasta with sauce & brussel sprouts

Need to stop and get some more eggs and bread... they were forgotten and I love eggs, beans and toast for lunches.


Got home and called my running buddy, was over there at 10 and we did day three of the couch 2 5K.  Running portion - 2.52km. Walking extra 1.6km.  Total of 4.12km for me today.

It's just so much easier to get out and do it when there is someone to go with. I'm still enjoying it. I know that its going to get harder, I just have to keep reminding myself that it is not supposed to be easy.  Just get out and do it.

YES!!!!!  I did it!!! 

Set 1.
10 sumo squats with KB between legs
crunches - 40
15 KB swings
planks - 10 count
10 KB High Clean pulls - Right arm
wall sits - 20 count
10 KB High Clean pulls - Right arm
push ups - 15

Set 2
10 sumo squats with KB between legs
crunches - 40
15 KB swings
planks - 10 count
10 KB High Clean pulls - Right arm
wall sits - 21 count
10 KB High Clean pulls - Right arm
push ups - 20
I was puffing and sweaty when this was done.  The dog eyeballed me the whole time like I was a crazy person.  I'm not sure how I feel about an audience right now!  LOL

okay - lunch is calling and I'll put my food in later today when its all done.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Obligitory Fat Pictures

It was pretty painful scraping these together. But, to change my future I have to be willing to look into the past and see what I need to change.  

I wanted my wedding to be my most beautiful day.  I am at least 3x the size of my mother. The dress is a 22, and I had on the tightest spanx that I could find, and I nearly split the arse out of that dress in the reception.  Its sad to look back and see this. But I don't want this for my future, so I have to. 

Attempting to hide my gut by pressing up against the Husbeast.  Not very successful.

I'm so unhappy about getting my picture taken in this next one. I remember it well. I'm sucking in as hard as I can, which is why the pinched smile, plus I don't want to show my teeth, lest my extra chin get even more extra.


I'm very happy to have made it through today.  Fridays are tough around the old office.  The Husbeast and I discussed weights... since neither of us would bend over to pick up a $100 bill right now, we gave ourselves tonight off from the new "program" of weights. 

However, we will do it tomorrow, and promised to get a better warm up in before just flinging ourselves into it.  This soreness is criminal.

I have my C25K running tomorrow, and I know the dog is looking forward to it!  I'll do that, take the Husbeast out for a 5min warm up and we will hit the weights.  Tomorrow will be good.

Food today is okay.   I ended up being tempted into eating 5 m&m's for my afternoon snack.  Honestly, I was hungry when I got home, but the snack-attack I had early today totally passed and I didn't need anything.  Yay. Small step.

Had 5 almonds when I got home, and then we walked the dog for 20min.  Husbest wanted pizza, so we went out for one of my fav's - whole wheat pizza with spinach, tomatoes, and feta.  So awesome....SO.MUCH.SPINACH.  I feel (almost) good about eating it!  We shared a greek salad to start and had waters. 

Total food today:

egg & cheese biscuit - 350
coffee - 30
Which Wich - buffalo chicken 7inch sammich - 479 (YUM and jimminy cheepers under 500!!!!!!)
  - no cheese, wheat bread, buffalo chicken, yellow mustard, Buffalo sauce, horseradish, red onion,
  lettuce, tomato, pepperocinis, cucumber, bell peppers, black olives)
Diet coke
Snack (3pm)
5 Milk Chocolate/Cinnamon M&M's - 35
Snack 2 (5pm)
5 Raw almonds - 35
1/2 greek salad - 215
Spinach, Tomato & Feta pizza on WW crust, 3 slices - 508
1/2c egg nog ice cream (F*ck I am weak) - 160

Total today: 1,812


lunch is done and I'm not hungry, but I have that snacky feeling. 

Water Water and more Water.  I am going to have a snack of oatmeal at 3.30pm.  So time to get busy and stop thinking about eating.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Couch 2 5K - Day 2

Day 2 - Made it without any problems!   I think the run has helped, my legs have been on fire all day, but I'm feeling better now.  The kettle bell had the desired effect and I am feeling it.  I can't wait to look back at this day months from now and LARF out loud at how weak I am right now.   

I had a number of temptations today, and I managed to say no to them all.  Very pleased.   My co-worker is a little woman that ALWAYS has candy, chocolate and cookies etc etc on her desk. People are always stopping in and munching.  I just didn't look today. 

No point in oogling what I can't have don't want.

Got home in good time and climbed upstairs to get changed.   Today's run was actually really excellent.  Day 2, so its not like we are going MILES but we were chatty, the dog was good(he always is though), and the time went by fast. We were getting a little sweaty and tired at the end.  Just what we needed.

We covered a total distance of 2.99km (1.86miles).

Day 1 -3 are the same:
Brisk five-minute warmup walk. Then alternate 60 seconds of jogging and 90 seconds of walking for a total of 20 minutes.Five min cool-down.

Food today was good (as stated earlier!):
Liberte Greek Yogurt/Blackberry – 270
Coffee with creamer – 30
PB&J Sammich x 2
    Natures Own Double Fiber bread x 4 slices 200
    2T Natural peanut butter - 210
    1.5T raspberry jam – 150
3T leftover Turkey pasta sauce - 200
Afternoon snack
Plum spice oatmeal package – 160
Ground turkey meatloaf 6oz – 375
2T HP sauce - 60
Brussle sprouts – 90
1/2 T Icbinb - 23
5 raw almonds - 35

otal: 1,803

'm happy with that!   Okay - so I have to get on finding a fat pic that I can use.  This is going to be difficult as I typically avoid cameras like vampires avoid toothpicks.  But I keep seeing all the successful bloggers and their amazing pre-post transformations.   So I want that too!   I will set myself to the task.

my legs....

they feel like they have been chewed by a rabid wolf.  Sitting to pee is agony, but it means I'm getting stronger.   Running tonight should be interesting.  It will look like I have something lodged where the sun don't shine.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Weights Wednesday!

First off, food was a good deal better today.  More on that later.

Bed too late last night, I'm going to be tucked in and reading before 10 tonight.   Have my water and am ready to hit the hay now.

Today's exercise was with my 25lb kettle bell and my Husbeast.  He is a big boy, and he has some weight to lose as well.  Of course he is going to kick the ass out of dropping 20lbs before I can even turn around and get a sniff at a 5lb loss.  No fair .... stupid male testosterone.  Side note.   Is anyone else out there finding that testosterone underarm "deodorant" stick commercial as hilarious as I do??  I can just see some mom yelling...."STAY OUT OF DADDY'S ARMPIT THERE ARE DRUGS IN THERE!!!!".    haha crazy ol world.

Okay.... workout. So we worked one on and one off.   While one was working with the KB, the other was doing some other exercise - just knocking out as many as you could in the time it took the other to finish the KB exercise. 

Each KB exercise took about 30-45 seconds (guestimate), so that was a damn long plank and wallsit, just saying!!!  I was tired and sweaty when we were done.  Also, in hindsight, we are going to need to walk the dog first, or get some sort of warm up, it was hard to just jump right to it.

Set 1.
15 sumo squats with KB between legs
25 KB swings
15 KB High Clean pulls - Right arm
wall sits
15 KB High Clean pulls - Right arm
push ups

Set 2
10 sumo squats with KB between legs
15 KB swings
10 KB High Clean pulls - Right arm
wall sits
10 KB High Clean pulls - Right arm
push ups

Walked the dog - 15-20 min.

Legs are feeling it for sure. More stretching tonight before bed and some rest is going to be excellent.

Better oats maple & bs oatmeal package x2 – 320
Coffee 2 creamers 1T – 30
Subway ft long – wheat bread, roasted chicken, shredded cheese, ranch, mustard, veg – 554
2/3 can of Diet Coke - afternoon "pick me up"
1/2 plain roasted chicken (9oz meat and yes...i ate the skin) - 480
1/2 bag steamer peas - 121
1t icbinb - 45
1/2 c Pumpkin ice cream (all gone now, and not getting anymore) - 160*
5 almonds - 35

Total calories: 1,745

*happily checked the label and 1/2 a cup is actually 160 not 260 as I posted yesterday.  :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Couch 2 5K - Day 1

Can I just say that I LOVE the iPhone Couch 2 5k app! It's the bomb. Best 99cents I've spent on an app. You get to choose your "trainer".  We had Sargent Block! LOL   Listen up maggots, you are going to run! 

Day 1 is done.  It was easier then I thought, but I'm pretty sure that it is going to get harder fast.   I did have a friend to jog with, and the talking and shared suffering makes it easier.    I also had a friend "phone in", she did her day 1 with us, on a treadmill in another city!   Ah technology, how far we have come.  We started our apps at the same time and she called in to report on her run after.  

I know the workout is good when the dog snoozes extra hard through the Biggest Loser episode. 

I'm tired and a little sore. I am going to stretch before bed right after I'm done here.

Eating today... fair to middling.  I did good on food until the afternoon.  I hadn't had enough water and started fading... had some sugary snacks.  Tomorrow - H2O is first thing on the list of things to get in the morning.  Fill the bottle and sit it on the desk.

Tomorrow is my kettle bell work-out.  I'll fill in the details then.  Now, time to finish my water, get rolled out, and get to bed.   I have a few books on the go and need to get some reading in before lights out.

eggs & cheese biscuit - 350
Coffee with 1T creamer - 20

1 can heinz beans - 244
2 eggs - 147
2T HP sauce - 30
2 slices bread - 100 (Natures own - double fiber)

4 rolos - 105
1 bag snapea crisps - 450
2 sour gummies - 33

1 can Amy's tomato soup - 260
4 slices bread - 200
3 slices swiss cheese - 319
1T  icbinb - 45
1/2c pumpkin ice cream - 260

total calories: 2,563

I need to get that down by about 750. I would like to get between 1,500 - 1,800 calories a day.  If I hadn't had those damn snacks... I would have been pretty close for the day.  

Wow, I was totally NOT going to track my calories.   This little late night brain exercise was good.  CLEARLY... I'm fat because I eat too much and this is a prime example. Unitl I wrote this out, I was thinking that I did REALLY GOOD...  but no, I have really good denial of how much I eat.  Add brutal snacking habits to that and here we are 300+ lbs.

Did I REALLY need TWO grilled cheese sandwiches with my soup for dinner?  I don't think so.  In fact, I'm still full now, and its hours later.

Food for thought Tammy. You have to start regulating AT the meal time.

Tomorrow I will do better.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Starting 2012

Am I a Resolutioner?   Maybe.  All I know is that I stepped up on the scale this year and it was 306.6.   I was scared.  I was tired.  I was mad.  I had so many emotions that I don't think that I can list them all. 


Being yo-yo fat for all my life has taken a toll on me, and I'm tired of it. I need to make a real change and find a place where I am happy and healthy.  

I should have known how that I was topping 300 when I stepped up that morning.  I have been having all kinds of issues.  Heart burn, insomnia, joint pain, exhaustion, inability to wake up in the mornings once I am asleep. 

I spent the last 2 weeks watching the Biggest Loser on netflix...Season 7.  The one with Helen, Tara, Kristen, Filipe and Sione (and the others) and I have been inspired. 

If they can lose 100+lbs in 16 weeks.... then I can can lose 10lbs a month for the next 6 months. Hard, yes.  Change is difficult.  I think that is going to be my mantra.

My Goal:
Lose 60 lbs by July 31 (6 months + 12days)