Tuesday, March 6, 2012

did anyone get the number....

of the wagon that ran me over?!

OMG, what a nightmare 2 weeks.  I was away and managed to get strep throat again... and was laid out at home on meds, sweating, groaning and feeling very sorry for myself.

Then back to work, where I was swamped... but enough about all the excuses.

I fell off the tracking and managing wagon... and have spent the last 4 days avoiding blogging and weighing in because I'm so scared of what those 2 weeks of lounging around has done.  Especially since I was eating badly, not drinking much water, and generally lazy.

*sigh*   back on the wagon tomorrow.  Starting with a weigh in.   Ug.   Habits... you are so hard to keep the good ones???  WHY!!! 


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